Creature Creations

Several years ago I had this writing plan of a new topic or theme per month.


September – Fall

October – Scary Story Picture Book

November – Being Thankful

December – Poetry

January/February – Famous African-American Biography

March – Creature Creation

April – Debates/How To

May – Story based on famous painting


As the school years got busier with more focus on reading than writing – I fell away from doing those writing topics/themes.  The worst part of letting it all go was that I saw my students writing fall apart.  There were no set goals that they saw they could accomplish and writing wasn’t fun anymore.


Well, this past year I decided to have a little bit of fun after our state testing and we did our Creature Creation Stories.  Basically, this used to be part of a mythology unit I did with 7th graders, but I adapted it to 5th grade.  Students have to create a “new” creature – can be made up of several different creatures/animals/things.  Then they write a narrative story about the creature.


Here are some pictures of the kids final models of their creatures:











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